Training at Elite QB has been a weekly, year-round ritual for Bernards signal-caller

Connor Laverty – who trains at Elite QB – takes part in some warmup drills at practice at Olcott Field in Bernardsville on November 14, 2023. (Photo: Mike Pavlichko)

When Bernards quarterback Connor Laverty came to Matt Bastardi to train to be a better quarterback, there wasn’t one thing that necessarily stuck out more than anything else that he wanted to improve upon.

“All of the above,” says Bastardi, founder and instructor at Elite QB Football Training Academy.

In fact, he’d come to Elite QB on the heels of one of his predecessors, Teddy Gouldin, who – in the 2020 COVID year – threw for 1,172 yards and 14 touchdowns with just one interception during an 8-1 campaign, the only loss coming in the opener, 14-9 at Hillside.

Even during what has been perhaps the most memorable season ever in Bernards’ long history, Laverty has come by every Sunday, according to Bastardi, bringing several of his receiver teammates with him to train.

Click below to hear Elite QB coach and founder Matt Bastardi talk about Bernards senior QB Connor Laverty and his training experience:

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