A single list of all Strength Index numbers heading into Cutoff Weekend

Gridiron New Jersey – which does the official calculations for football playoff seeding for the NJSIAA – announced Sunday it had updated Strength Index numbers for the entire state, even making some corrections based on scores previously reported incorrectly.

The Strength Index is calculated all season long for all games – regular season, playoff, consolation – but for Cutoff Weekend, the numbers lock in. That means that unlike previous weeks, they will not change after Week 8 games – at least not as far as playoff consideration goes. They’ll continue to run through the group championships, to get the numbers that get recentered around 60 to start the 2024 season.

But for now, we’ve compiled a list of the latest SI numbers on Gridiron New Jersey (as of 6:30 pm on Sunday, October 15) and put them in one handy place for you. We also decided to give you the official Gridiron starting numbers for 2023, with a third column showing how much each team gained or lost in Strength Index value throughout the year.

Note: The below has been updated to correct the +/-, which had previously been inverted, and to add + signs to gains.


  1. A little confused. The column on the left is the starting rank from I guess the beginning of the year, and then week 7 locked is the one to the right. It’s showing people with numbers for the right that are higher than the numbers for the left in the negative. Am I misreading?

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