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Fundraising University New Jersey’s “Unsung Hero Scholarship Award” goes to Manville’s Brandon Flores

In 2020, COVID was the story, and the inaugural Fundraising University New Jersey “Unsung Hero Scholarship Award” went to St. Joe’s of Metuchen’s Tommy Romond, who kept his team together on the field, despite being apart.

In 2021, the award goes to a Manville senior who helped keep his community together.

That community was, in part, his football team, but in greater part, the entire town of Manville, in the wake of the utter destruction caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida back in early September.

Manville has been through many storms before, and too many to count in recent years, but the tiny Somerset County town probably has never seen a dynamo like Brandon Flores. He had teammates who lost everything. He helped them first, then it was on to anyone who needed assistance, moving out flooded items, passing out bottled water.

Brandon Flores of Manville (source: Hudl)

Just taking care of his community.

For his efforts, Flores receives the “Unsung Hero Scholarship Award,” a $500 scholarship coutesy of John Tuohy at Fundraising University New Jersey.

Click below to listen to Brandon Flores recall the night Ida hit Manville, and what he did for his community in the aftermath:

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Barrons have great success on the field and off, exceeding their fundraising goals with Fundraising University

The following is paid content from Central Jersey Sports Radio founding sponsor Fundraising University New Jersey.

The Woodbridge Barrons have only lost two regular season games in the last three seasons under head coach Joe LaSala.

Even when the coronavirus pandemic threatened the high school football season in 2020, they were still able to have a successful season.

There have been great players, and there has been sound coaching. Behind it all has been top-notch fundraising, but LaSala has had very little to do with it.

With COVID keeping fans from games and restricting contact, a traditional door-to-door or other in-person fundraiser just wouldn’t be feasible. And that’s when he remembered seeing several posts on social media about Fundraising University’ “Fund-U-Now” program.

READ MORE: In 2020, Fundraising University supported the Big Central Conference with a $500 “Unsung Hero Scholarship Award”

In the first year, Woodbridge exceeded its goals with a quick “Fund-U-Now” fundraiser that required very little work from the coach, and minimal amount of time from the players. They even got to compete against each other for bonuses, and the money was in LaSala’s hands before the ink was dry on the check.

The fundraiser done in a flash, they could get back to doing what Woodbridge does so well: winning football games.

Click below to hear Joe LaSala explain how Fundraising University works, and why the Barrons are now working on their third fundraiser with the company:

For more information on Fundraising University, visit their website by clicking here. You can find New Jersey franchisee John Tuohy on Twitter, and follow him at @NJFundU. Or call John at 732-772-3354.

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Romond looking forward to football, studies as he heads to Hopkins

Tommy Romond is always up for a challenge.

Last summer, it was getting together his teammates when they couldn’t practice to get ready for a football season that no one quite knew if it would even happen.

In a few weeks, he’ll be off to college to play football at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Playing college ball – any varsity sport, really – is a big enough challenge at any university. But couple it with enrollment in the Biomedical Engineering program, and now you’ve got a challenge.

Challenge accepted.

Central Jersey Sports Radio’s Mike Pavlichko caught up with Tommy at Brenner Family Field in Metuchen Thursday to deliver his $500 scholarship award, as well as a commemorative football with his photo on it, for being the inaugural winner of the Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award.

From left to right, Mike Pavlichko of Central Jersey Sports Radio, award winner Tommy Romond, St. Joseph-Metuchen head coach Rich Hilliard.

St. Joseph-Metuchen’s Tommy Romond wins inaugural “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award”

Sure, Tommy Romond was an important part of the St. Joseph-Metuchen high school football team for several years.

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t do things no one else would notice.

In a difficult year for high school athletes at every level, the Falcons’ rising senior got his teammates together in small groups, when they couldn’t officially meet because of COVID-19 restrictions.

He rounded them up so they could work out, practice, keep fresh, and prepare for fall 2020 on their own, just so they would be prepared for a football season that sometimes looked like it was right around the corner, and other times seemed like it would never happen.

OG/DT Tommy Romond of St. Joseph’s.

For his efforts, Tommy Romond was named the winner of the “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award,” presented by Central Jersey Sports Radio.

Romond – a guard on the offensive line and a defensive tackle for St. Joe’s – is headed to Johns Hopkins University, where he will play football and join the Biomedical Engineering Program, one of the top such programs in the country. He also led by example in the classroom, with a 4.65 GPA and an SAT score of 1490.

Fundraising University is the leader in helping scholastic athletic teams raise the most amount of money for their programs in the least amount of time.

“It really was just a perfect match for what we do,” says John Tuohy, talking about Fundraising University’s support for the scholarship, noting the company does the same thing “unsung heroes” do… work behind the scenes to ensure the success of their teams.

The award is for $500, and given to “the football student-athlete in the Big Central Conference who was most valuable to his or her team off the field and behind the scenes in the 2020 season.”

Click below to hear Mike Pavlichko present the “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award” to Tommy Romond, joined by Fundraising University’s John Tuohy, and Romond’s head coach Rich Hilliard:

SPONSORED: Now is the time to start planning fall fundraisers; John Tuohy of Fundraising U. explains how to raise the most money in the least amount of time

As the world keeps working to get back to a “pre-pandemic normal,” high school sports teams hopefully will be getting back to normal this fall, too.

But that also means they’re going to have to raise as much cash as they did before – if not more – to keep things going.

That’s why John Tuohy of Fundraising University – one of Central Jersey Sports Radio’s founding sponsors – says now is the time to start thinking about fundraisers.

What’s your fundraising goal? What would you like to sell? Who can be involved? Who are you selling to? How can you do it in the least amount of time, while raising the most amount of money?

All questions John Tuohy can answer.

Click below to hear Mike Pavlichko talk with John Tuohy about the type of money-raising events Fundraising University can offer:

SPONSORED: Fundraising University helps HS sports teams adapt to COVID, and still raise money

It’s not easy to ask for money in this day and age, with COVID leaving people out of work and hurting them economically.

But high school sports teams are still playing, and their costs have gone up. That makes fundraising more important than ever.

That’s where Fundraising University comes in. Click here to learn more!

Their goal is to help sports teams raise the most amount of money in the least amount of time. It could be cookie dough, popcorn, or local discount cards for your favorite restaurants around town.

Whatever it is, John Tuohy, the New Jersey representative for Fundraising University is the man to call.

And now is the perfect time to set up a fundraiser for the Spring, or even football or any other Fall sport. It’s never too early.

Plus, Fundraising University now has a special for Central Jersey Sports Radio listeners! Mention you heard about Fundraising University here, and they will give you an extra $100 incentive for your best fundraising student-athlete, on top of their other, typical incentives.

Click below to listen to Mike Pavlichko and John Tuohy talk about how Fundraising University can help your school raise the most amount of money in the least amount of time!

Reach John Tuohy of Fundraising University at 732-772-3354. You can also find them online by clicking here. Fundraising University also can be found on Twitter.

Central Jersey Sports Radio announces “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award”

Central Jersey Sports Radio is happy to announce its first scholarship: the Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award, which will be given to the high school football player in the Big Central Conference who was most valuable to his team off the field and behind the scenes in 2020.

The award will be $500 and given to a player who doesn’t score the most touchdowns, have the flashiest highlights, or get the most press. A nomination form will be emailed to coaches in the Big Central Conference, and a winner will be chosen by Central Jersey Sports Radio in conjunction with John Tuohy of Fundraising University in New Jersey. The winner will be announced by the end of April.

Click below to learn more about the award:

Episode 4: The Big E

Mike Pavlichko returns with another episode of “Tuesday Night Quarterback,” recapping Week Two action, and looking ahead to Top Ten teams in action in Week Two.

The story of the week was the upset of co-No. 1 Union by Bridgewater-Raritan. Panthers’ head coach Scott Bray talks about the effort, along with postgame reaction from wins by Woodbridge, Bernards, Old Bridge and South River. Monroe senior QB Aidan McLaughlin joins Mike to talk about his school-best 315-yard passing performance against Perth Amboy.

Mike speaks with John Tuohy of founding sponsor Fundraising University, which runs fundraisers in states across the country helping athletic teams raise money in the shortest time possible. John discussed how some hour-long, socially-distant fundraisers have netted over $10,000.

Then, it’s time for the headline guest, Eric LeGrand, the former Rutgers and Colonia standout who was paralyzed making a tackle on special teams in a game against Army ten years ago this week. “Big E” talked about his time home during COVID, a new venture he has that’s raising money for charitable organizations, and his realtionship with Woodbridge head coach Joe LaSala, a childhood friend from their days on the Colonia football team.

Eric LeGrand takes the field with his teammates in a late-season game against West Virginia, not long after being paralyzed in a game against Army at then-New Meadowlands Stadium.

The new Central Jersey Sports Radio Top Ten and Big Central Media Polls are unveiled following a topsy-turvy week, where four teams in the CJSR rankings lost, and two dropped from the Top Ten altogether.