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St. Joseph-Metuchen’s Tommy Romond wins inaugural “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award”

Sure, Tommy Romond was an important part of the St. Joseph-Metuchen high school football team for several years.

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t do things no one else would notice.

In a difficult year for high school athletes at every level, the Falcons’ rising senior got his teammates together in small groups, when they couldn’t officially meet because of COVID-19 restrictions.

He rounded them up so they could work out, practice, keep fresh, and prepare for fall 2020 on their own, just so they would be prepared for a football season that sometimes looked like it was right around the corner, and other times seemed like it would never happen.

OG/DT Tommy Romond of St. Joseph’s.

For his efforts, Tommy Romond was named the winner of the “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award,” presented by Central Jersey Sports Radio.

Romond – a guard on the offensive line and a defensive tackle for St. Joe’s – is headed to Johns Hopkins University, where he will play football and join the Biomedical Engineering Program, one of the top such programs in the country. He also led by example in the classroom, with a 4.65 GPA and an SAT score of 1490.

Fundraising University is the leader in helping scholastic athletic teams raise the most amount of money for their programs in the least amount of time.

“It really was just a perfect match for what we do,” says John Tuohy, talking about Fundraising University’s support for the scholarship, noting the company does the same thing “unsung heroes” do… work behind the scenes to ensure the success of their teams.

The award is for $500, and given to “the football student-athlete in the Big Central Conference who was most valuable to his or her team off the field and behind the scenes in the 2020 season.”

Click below to hear Mike Pavlichko present the “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award” to Tommy Romond, joined by Fundraising University’s John Tuohy, and Romond’s head coach Rich Hilliard:

Central Jersey Sports Radio announces “Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award”

Central Jersey Sports Radio is happy to announce its first scholarship: the Fundraising University Unsung Hero Scholarship Award, which will be given to the high school football player in the Big Central Conference who was most valuable to his team off the field and behind the scenes in 2020.

The award will be $500 and given to a player who doesn’t score the most touchdowns, have the flashiest highlights, or get the most press. A nomination form will be emailed to coaches in the Big Central Conference, and a winner will be chosen by Central Jersey Sports Radio in conjunction with John Tuohy of Fundraising University in New Jersey. The winner will be announced by the end of April.

Click below to learn more about the award: