NJSIAA and NJFCA warning about illegal gloves as playoffs get set to begin

These 599 Aplha-Tack Gloves have prompted a warning from the NJSIAA that they are illegal for play according to NFHS rules. (Source: Amazon)

The NJSIAA has sent out a memo to member schools – resent in an NJFCA newsletter – warning about a pair of gloves available online that are illegal for play.

The state athletic organization actually got word of it through NFHS, which sets rules for high school football nationally, and whose rules are adhered to by the NJSIAA.

They’re warning the the 599 Alpha-Tack Gloves available on Amazon – and “perhaps other outlets as well” – do “not meet the SFIA or NOCSAE standard for football give certification required by NFHS Football Rules.”

According to the NJSIAA memo, the gloves are billed as “designed to be the stickiest gloves ever created” and are :engineered to exceed the acceptable limits of grip and tack providing an unrivaled advantage to players.”

The NJSIAA is reminding student-athletes that any glove used in football must either meet the SFIA or NOCSAE standard, indicated by the presence of one of the below markings.

SFIA Standard approval label. (Source: NJSIAA)
NOCSAE Standard approval. label (Source: NJSIAA)

The NJSIAA says one of the two markings should be on the wrist of the glove, as they are on the below pair of Battle Triple Threat Youth Receiver Gloves, currently retaining on Amazon for $44.99.

These Battle Triple Threat Receiver Gloves are legal, containing the SFIA Specification approval marking on the outside of the glove, on the wrist. (Source: Amazon)

The illegal gloves in question were out of stock on Amazon as of this writing. They appear to cost $24.95 when in stock.

The NJSIAA memo did not say how prevalent the gloves are in New Jersey at the moment, nor did it specify whether officials would be on the lookout specifically for such gloves at this weekend’s football games, which include the opening round of the playoffs for 160 public schools in the state, as well as the last week of the regular season for non-public schools before their playoffs are seeded Sunday.

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