Union school district’s board attorney seeking relief from NJSIAA to allow playoff game vs. Eastside to be played

Union schools suprintendent Dr. Scott Taylor (Source: Union Schools website)

Union Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Taylor says the district’s attorney has reached out to the NJSIAA asking for it to allow the Farmers’ football team to play Eastside Paterson in its North 2, Group 5 semifinal game this week.

The move comes after the district cancelled the game Friday following four positive COVID tests on the team. After two initial tests among student-athletes who were symptomatic, their unvaccinated teammates were tested, and two more positive cases came up.

That prompted the district to cancel the game and withdraw from the tournament, since NJSIAA rules adopted in September for this school year do not permit the alteration of playoff schedules to accomodate teams with COVID-related issues.

But it’s also created an uproar among players, their classmates, parents, and others in the community who feel their season was simply taken away from them. Players met with the Superintendent on Friday afternoon after the cancellation was announced.

Click below to hear Union Superintendent Dr. Scott Taylor talk with Central Jersey Sports Radio’s Mike Pavlichko about the latest on Union’s push to play the game, and how the cancellation came about in the first place:

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