Manville still two spots out of the playoffs in South 1, despite big win at Bound Brook and 6-1 record

The good news is Manville moved up one place in the South Group 1 standings in unofficial calculations done exclusively by Central Jersey Sports Radio following Friday night’s games.

The question mark is what will happen in the slew of Saturday games down in South Jersey, and whether that will affect anything.

The bad news is, Manville is still out of the playoff picture at the moment, in 18th place, despite a 6-1 record, and a win over the second-best team on its schedule, Bound Brook, 51-27 as heard Friday night on Central Jersey Sports Radio’s Big Central Game of the Week, driven by Autoland.

What more can Manville do? Not a lot.

They can’t even cheer for Metuchen -which hosts Middlesex today – or at least it wouldn’t do any good. The Bulldogs are Manville’s last opponent, but have already played seven games, so they can’t get any extra residuals from a Bulldog win over Johnson, if they beat Metuchen next week.

They’re going to be at the mercy of others for help, it looks like, and that’s a shame. (I’ll have more on that later. Trust me.)

Meanwhile, Middlesex edged up a spot prior to today’s matchup with Metuchen, from 12th to 11th, flip flipping with South Hunterdon, which is idle this week. But again, the Blue Jays play Saturday afternoon in the Brainy Boro, so that will likely change, one way or the other. Both should be locked in the bottom eight though, and will start the playoffs in two weeks on the road.

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