Strength Index Values following Week 6 play

Week 6 is in the books, and Gridiron New Jersey has released the official Strength Index values.

These are used to determine a team’s Opponent Strength Index, or OSI, which is 60% of the UPR formula that determines playoff seeding.

The values also are used each week to determine the Strength Index values for the following week; the calculation looks at how one team did against another, relative to their ranking.

Note that for the weekly game calculations, the real SI number is used. However, for playoff qualification, any team below a 20 should be considered a 20.

Inotherwords, if Team A plays a team that has a Strength Index of 17.5, that number is used to calculate the new Strength Index number. But when figuring OSI, a 20 is used.

Teams below are listed alphabetically. Big Central teams are highlighted yellow; non-BCC teams in the CJSR coverage area are in blue.

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