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Coming soon to a football field near you: jersey numbers you can read!

“What number was that?”

You can hear that shout of frustration in the stands, in the press box, and probably also in the coach’s office when he’s watching game film.

Why? Numbers that are virtually impossible to see because they’re a similar color to the jersey itself, or – worse yet – just an outline.

Ask that question no more in 2024, as the National Federation of State High School Associations – the NFHS – has come up with new guidelines aimed at eliminating difficult or impossible-to-see numbers on football jersey across the country.

Of course, high school student-athletes these days want those jerseys that are “fire!” Their enthusiasm will now have to be tempered a bit.

The NFHS adopted the rules last year, and they’ll be going into place in 2024, though a reminder was sent out last Tuesday by the NJSIAA to all member schools.

The official new NFHS rule states: “Effective with the 2024 season, the entire body of the number (the continuous horizontal bars and vertical strokes) shall be a single solid color that clearly contrasts with the body color of the jersey.”

Below are some examples of legal jersey in 2024:

The grey numbers on a “garnet” colored jersey like Phillipsburg wears would be acceptable in 2024 under new jersey guidelines established by the NFHS and adopted by the NJSIAA. (file photo)
North Hunterdon’s blackout jersey with gold numbers would also be allowed under the new NFHS jersey guidelines the NJSIAA will adopt in 2024. (File photo)