Big Central Conference Power Rankings: Week 9

St. Thomas Aquinas senior Christian Magliacano (left) and head coach Tarig Holman as the Trojans take the field in this undated photo. (Source: @STATrojansFB on Twitter)

Each week, Central Jersey Sports Radio will publish the Big Central Power Rankings, as well as the statewide Top 20.

The power rankings are solely based on the state’s Strength Index numbers, which are used to calculate OSI, which is 60 percent of the state’s UPR playoff formula.

Below, you’ll find all the Big Central teams ranked from 1 to 59, followed by the statewide Top 20, for week 9.

One Big Central team made the Top 20, St. Thomas Aquinas, moving up from 16 to 13 this week.

Ridge again is just outside that group, but down to 21 this week at 86.72, while Phillipsburg’s SI is 85.05, and they held at 25.

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