Big Central Conference Power Rankings: Week 7

Chase Young and St. Thomas Aquinas lead the Big Central in Strength Index heading into Week 7. (Source: @STATrojansFB on Twitter))

Each week during the season from this point on – starting next football season during the preseason – Central Jersey Sports Radio will publish the Big Central Power Rankings, as well as the statewide Top 20.

The power rankings will be based on the state’s Strength Index numbers, which are used to calculate OSI, which is 60 percent of the state’s UPR playoff formula.

Below, you’ll find all the Big Central teams ranked from 1 to 59, followed by the statewide Top 20.

Three Big Central teams made the Top 20. St. Thomas Aquinas checks in at No. 11, while Ridge is at 19, and Phillipsburg comes in at No. 20.


  1. How is PWay 16 and SB 28. SB has had one of the toughest out of division schedules on earth (Hillsboro, North Brunswick and freaking Ridge) and swept PWays own division, which included handling them comfortably on their turf. How does this make sense?

    1. Full body of work, and they’re only separated by a touchdown, which in the eyes of SI is not a lot. It has to do with how much you win or lose by. Vikings also have 3 losses by 35, 32, and 31. Chiefs’ losses are by 21 to South Brunswick, but by 1 to Hunterdon Central and 1 to Long Branch. That’s the difference.

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