This Week in the Big Central – Episode 10: The Cutoff 2021

Episode 10 of “This Week in the Big Central,” driven by Mark Montenero and his team at the world-famous Autoland, is all about Cutoff Weekend. Who’s in? Who’s not? Who’s on the bubble? Who’s getting that top seed.

Mike Pavlichko takes a quick look at the week gone by and explains the playoff snafu this week, and how difficult it is for anyone to get a handle on the voluminous UPR formula for determining playoff qualification, with its many twists and turns and special circumstances.

We hear from founding sponsor Elite QB, with Coach Matt Bastardi’s “Elite Performers of the Week,” and a look at the Bellamy & Son Paving Player of the Week, Scotch Plains-Fanwood’s Anthony Robinson, another all-around performer in a big win over division rival Woodbridge.

Mike wraps it up with a look at the Week Nine slate and all the playoff implications of those games.

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