Hillsborough has its sights set high with 1-2 combo of Mazuera and Amankwaa

Could Hillsborough be poised to add to its collection of state titles? Friday night’s win over Phillipsburg was a big step.

With 37 career touchdowns and over 3,100 yards rushing, plus a solid career at linebacker with over 120 tackles, Sean Levonaitis will be missed at Hillsborough.

But those who haven’t graduated and remain on the Raiders’ roster still have a good feeling about the 2021 season, which begins next on Friday, September 3rd, when they host Hunterdon Central.

That’s because they have a significant amount of talent back at key positions on the field.

Not the least of which are two young men who have known each other since their ages were single digits: quarterback Jay Mazuera and wide receiver Tommy Amankwaa.

They not only are a potent combo, but one that is made up of a pair of kids virtually on the same wavelength, an intangible that’s difficult to counter for any defense.

Click below to hear Amankwaa, Mazuera, and their head coach Kevin Carty, Jr., talk about the upcoming season with Central Jersey Sports Radio’s Mike Pavlichko:

Seniors Tommy Amankwaa and Jay Mazuera:

Head Coach Kevin Carty Jr.:

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