Top Middlesex ump shares love for the game, urges more to become officials

Warren Bennet, far right, calls balls and strikes earlier this year in the Spotswood-East Brunswick game, May 19, 2021.

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He’s the President of the local chapter of the New Jersey State Federation of Umpires.

But he started out as a high schooler, looking to pick up a few extra bucks in his spare time.

Sunday, Warren Bennett will be an umpire at the GMC Tournament final, when South Brunswick and St. Joseph square off at Ray Cipperly Field (11:15 air time, noon first pitch on Central Jersey Sports Radio). And he’s hoping more people who love the game of baseball consider their potential to do the same.

Click above to learn more about how to be an umpire and join the NSJFU.

While there’s a shortage of officials at all levels of all sports, Bennett says it’s a bit better in the Mickey Sedlak Chapter of the NJSFU, which officiates both baseball and softball in Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties. But they still need new blood, particularly at the sub-varsity level.

Click below to hear Warren Bennett talk about upiring, his love of baseball, his experiences, and how to become an umpire with Central Jersey Sports Radio’s Mike Pavlichko:

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