George Ross shares success stories with NJ Recruit Look; here’s why you need a recruiting coach

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by Mike Pavlichko

High School student athletes – whether it’s football, basketball or lacrosse – face a number of challenges when it comes to the recruiting process.

George Ross of New Jersey Recruit Look discusses that and some of the myths surrounding recruiting, including “if you’re good enough, you’ll be found.”

Ross says unless you’re one of the top 50 recruits – in football, for example, being pursued by Rutgers, Ohio State, Syracuse, etc. – student-athletes need to make themselves stand out.

Ross talks about how that he can help, and shares some of his success stories, including a girls’ basketball player who had great grades, wasn’t the best player on the team, but wound up with a $35,000 scholarship that was a mix of academic and merit scholarship money.

“That’s really what most kids are looking for,” says Ross, “is to get that education that they’re looking for, and save money doing it, and come out with as little student debt as possible.”

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