Despite perfect mark, Somerville can’t pull a top seed in mock South 3 playoff brackets

Somerville’s lack of strong opponents – at least according to the state’s OSI and power points formulas – would have kept the Pioneers from garnering a top seed in either of the South Group 3 brackets.

In calculations done by Central Jersey Sports Radio all year long, Somerville would finish a solid third in the 16-team supersection, ranking third in both power points and OSI. They are the only Big Central team to actually be in the supersection.

Somerville would get a second seed in a hypothetical South 3 bracket, and home games guaranteed for at least the first two rounds.

Below are the overall standings and hypothetical brackets for the South Group 3 supersection:

Please take note that all calculations are unofficial, and no mechanism exists to check or confirm these numbers and standings. Strength Index and OSI are not being calculated publicly. Only records have been confirmed. OSI was locked after Week 5 to replicate the typical formula. All standings are purely hypothetical. Please report any discrepancies to

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