3-0 North Plainfield would be hurt by weaker schedule if 2020 playoffs were held

While the state will continue to calculate each team’s Strength Index because it would conceivably be needed if there are “normal” playoffs in 2021, that’s as far as they’ll go.

Central Jersey Sports Radio, however, is calculating UPR for the supersections which include teams in its coverage area, in the Big Central Conference.

Below are the current UNOFFICIAL standings for the North 3 supersection following Week 3 games.

The Top 16 teams would be qualifiers, designated in bold.

Of note is North Plainfield, which would be hurt by its schedule against weaker Group 2 schools such as Metuchen, and even playing a Group 1 school like Middlesex. Many in this section play Group 3 and 4 schools.

The Canucks – off to their best start since an undefeated regular season in 2010 – would qualify for a hypothetical playoffs, but are ranked 16th overall in the North 3 supersection.

They are ranked 16th overall in OSI, but even the traditional power points don’t do them any favors, where they are ranked 6th overall, despite a 3-0 record.

Please take note that all calculations are unofficial, and no mechanism exists to check or confirm these numbers and standings. They are purely hypothetical.

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