Central Jersey Sports Radio goes live!

After 20 years at New Brunswick-based WCTC, longtime local sports broadcaster Mike Pavlichko has created a new media venture: Central Jersey Sports Radio.

Because what better time is there to start something new than during a global pandemic?

The new site will start shifting into high gear the first week of September, when the high school football season normally would have started. Instead, it’s been cut back and delayed until October first, made necessary by the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

“I’m thrilled to bring this website to high school sports fans in Central Jersey,” says Pavlichko, who will bring much of the same content to the Internet that he’s been bringing to the radio since the Fall of 2000.

“We’re going to have our Friday night game of the week, but now we don’t need to worry about conflicts with other sports on the radio. If we want to do the big game, we’re going to do the big game.”

Mike was also a prominent voice on “Football USA” on WCTC, a show which had a nearly 55-year run on AM radio. He hosted for 20 seasons, and was the lead voice for the last 17.

“The show had become so much more of a high school football show over the last several years, so doing it in a new venue won’t be much of a change,” Pavlichko says. It’ll debut as “The Tuesday Night Quarterback,” live streamed every Tuesday night at 8 during the season, with the first few episodes coming in September as the Fall season nears.

But Central Jersey Sports Radio wont just be tied to high school sports. We’ll have additional coverage of Rutgers athletics as it’s relevant to sports fans in Central Jersey, even as the fall sports season in the Big Ten remains idle.

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