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Petition to bring back fall sports in Piscataway gaining momentum

by Mike Pavlichko

A petition on the website Change.org to bring back fall sports in Piscataway after they were cancelled by the school board due to the coronavirus pandemic is nearing its goal of 500 signatures, with 408 as of noon on September 6th, continuing to gain support from the community.

Joe Bellamy, the father of current Chief football player Rocco Bellamy and 2018 senior football standout Joe – whose team went undefeated and won the first ever North Group 5 bowl championship – began the petition three weeks ago.

You can find the petition by clicking here.

The Piscataway high school football team is regularly one of the top public schools in the state, elevated to its highest profile under head coach Dan Higgins, who took over in 2003 and has seven state titles, ten finals appearances, and the aforementioned bowl championship to his credit.

The petition claims the Piscataway Board of Education’s vote to cancel fall sports – which includes the noted Superchiefs marching band – was made “prematurely without any notice to parents, students, or coaches.”

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