Give a shoutout to your favorite football player, cheerleader, or band member!


Shoutouts support our broadcast of your school’s game!

Are we broadcasting one of your school’s football games this season? Give your favorite football player, cheerleader or band member a shoutout on Central Jersey Sports Radio during one of our broadcasts. Our announcers will read it LIVE on the air! Your shoutout supports OUR broadcast of YOUR team’s school, so go ahead and support your team!


Official Rules and Instructions.

Pay using the link above and forward your Paypal confirmation to Include the following in your email:

  • Your full name
  • Contact number
  • High School Affiliation
  • Text of the message you’d like us to read

The Fine Print & Other Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: Shoutouts will be approximately 15-20 seconds in length and may be read by Central Jersey Sports Radio’s announcers at any time during a game broadcast. Due to the unpredictability of a live sports broadcast, we regret that we cannot schedule shoutouts for specific times, nor predict when they may air. All messages shall be in the bounds of good taste and sportsmanship, and Central Jersey Sports Radio reserves final judgement on all messages. Central Jersey Sports Radio reserves the right to edit or make changes to any message requested, due to time constraints or any other reason.