Mock UPR for South Group 2 shows disparity between Power Points and OSI

In the final Week 6 mock UPR standings for the South Jersey Group 2 supersection, Bernards and Delaware Valley (both 5-1) failed to finish in the top four overall in the field of 16, while there’s a big gap between the top teams in the two different rankings that make up the UPR.

Delran in the West Jersey Football league is 3-1, tops in Power Point average, but 4th in OSI rank. They would take the top seed over the top OSI-ranked team, Camden, which is 3-1, but ranks 9th in power point average. It’s one of the few instances where the team that’s higher in power points finishes above the team ranked higher in OSI, but that’s mainly because Delran is 4th in the lower category while Camden is 9th.

It also appears to reflect the limitations of such a system in a shorter season of six games, where many teams didn’t even manage that many because of COVID-19. It’s likely one of the reasons the NJSIAA decided not to hold traditional “playoffs” in 2020.

Bernards, meanwhile, checks in 7th despite a 5-1 mark, having played all of their six games before the hypothetical “cutoff.” Delaware Valley came in a bit higher, in 5th.

Below are the overall standings and hypothetical brackets for the South Group 2 supersection:

Please take note that all calculations are unofficial, and no mechanism exists to check or confirm these numbers and standings. Strength Index and OSI are not being calculated publicly. Only records have been confirmed. OSI was locked after Week 5 to replicate the typical formula. All standings are purely hypothetical. Please report any discrepancies to

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