Middlesex holds steady but improves numbers in Week 4 mock UPR, despite being idle

Only one Big Central team is squarely in the playoff picture – hypothetically-speaking, of course, in the Week Four UPR standings as calculated by Central Jersey Sports Radio.

Middlesex – despite missing a second straight game due to two COVID cases, one involving a football player and another involving a cheerleader – stayed in 12th, but moved up two places in both power point average rank and OSI rank, to 9th and 11th respectively.

Below are the current UNOFFICIAL standings for the South Group 1 supersection.

The Top 16 teams would be qualifiers, designated in bold.

Please take note that all calculations are unofficial, and no mechanism exists to check or confirm these numbers and standings. Strength Index and OSI are not being calculated publicly. Only records have been confirmed. All standings are purely hypothetical.

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