Woodbridge holds on to top spot in CJ Sports Radio Top Ten

The Woodbridge Barrons practice in advance of the upcoming season on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

A 2-0 start has kept the Woodbridge Barrons atop the Central Jersey Sports Radio Top Ten for Week 3 of the high school football season.

Woodbridge cruised to a 41-19 win over Scotch Plains-Fanwood in their Week 3 game.

It was a week of stability, as the top six teams all held their ground while North Brunswick and Old Bridge each moved up a spot.

Two teams dropped out after suffering their second loss of the season: Hillsborough and Union. Ridge and undefeated Cranford took their places.


  1. How can you have BRidgewater ahead of Ridge when Ridge blew them out head to head in week one and they both have a win against Union?

    1. Fair question. You could play that game all year though and have teams leap frog each other. In preseason neither team was ranked. Ridge beat Bridgewater in Week 1, but was not ranked afterward. Bridgewater then beat ranked Union in Week 2, while Ridge beat unranked Cranford. Bridgewater got in AND jumped Union, based on head to head. Ridge did not get in. Then in Week 3, Ridge beat Union and knocked Union out. But Union was already low in the Top Ten. And to move Ridge up would bump other teams that won down. So ti really had more to do with the chronology of it than head-to-head.

  2. This is completely illogical. Ridge lost to a loaded 3-0 Cranford team and beat both Union and BRidgewater decisively. BRidgewater barely beat Union (needed 3 turnovers in 4th quarter) and was literally blown off the field by Ridge. Their other win was to a winless WF team coming back from Covid. If you swapped Ridge and BW- all else in your poll could stay the same and you would be in line with the other Central Nj courier ranking. Once Ridge also beat Union, (more soundly to boot, you placing BW above them is makes no sense what so ever. My 2 cents

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